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COVID-19 Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Are in-person classes and services back?

Yes. Coastline College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College are holding classes in person and online.

Please see the following pages for college services:

Do I have to wear a mask?

The Coast District will move from requiring masking indoors to strongly recommending masking indoors beginning Friday, August 26. Please be respectful and considerate of individuals who continue masking, as this may be a personal health precaution and/or caretaker situation.

Is vaccination required?

The Coast District has concluded its vaccination verification and testing program. Vaccination and booster shots are strongly encouraged for all those eligible.

When and where can I get vaccinated? Which vaccines are accepted?

Please visit the Coast District's Take Your Shot webpage to learn more.

What options are available for testing if exposed or experiencing symptoms?

If you are symptomatic or have been exposed to a confirmed, positive case, please contact your health care provider, local pharmacy, or local testing center. Free at home tests are also available. 

What is the process for reporting exposure or a suspected case of the virus?

If you have been exposed to a known case and are unvaccinated, you should get tested for the virus through your health care provider, county testing sites, or home test. If you are exposed and symptomatic, regardless of vaccination status, you should also be tested. Please notify your dean (faculty) or supervisor (staff/management) by email or phone. Students may choose to notify the Health Center or inform a trusted individual who will notify the Health Center. For employees, the initial point of contact (dean or supervisor) is responsible for notifying HR. Your point of contact and HR will reach out to you as needed for follow up. If you are feeling unwell, do not come to campus or visit a District site for any reason. Report to your dean, supervisor, or faculty member by phone or email.

Will I be notified of a potential exposure?

Yes. With any positive case, contacts will be traced and close contacts will be notified. Per the California Department of Public Health: "A close contact is someone who spent 15 minutes or more within a shared space with an individual with COVID-19 during their infectious period, which includes, at a minimum, the 48 hours before the individual developed symptoms." HR, risk management, and public safety – in consultation with the Orange County Health Care Agency – work with departments and may take additional precautionary steps to mitigate any potential exposures while waiting on testing results. Maintenance and Operations will identify and deep clean affected work areas and shared spaces where needed.

How long is the quarantine period after a potential exposure?

Coast Colleges follow California Department of Public Health and CalOSHA guidelines for isolation and quarantine protocol. Individuals who test positive but are asymptomatic may return to work or school 10 days after the date of the first positive test. Students who tested positive but are asymptomatic can take an antigen test on day 6 after they tested positive. If the antigen test is negative, the student can return to campus on day 6. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 and who are symptomatic may return to work when:

  • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, AND
  • At least 24 hours have passed with no fever (without use of fever-reducing medications), AND
  • Other symptoms have improved.

Will I be provided the name of the person who was confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19?

No. State and federal privacy laws strictly limit the District's ability to share personal health information. Accordingly, the District is not allowed to disclose an employee's health status to colleagues. Any notification will be made in a way that protects the individual's privacy to the extent possible.

Do I need to quarantine if I travel outside the state?

It is recommended that you test with a viral test 3-5 days after your travel outside the United States.

What stage are we in on the District's return-to-site "Beyond the Blueprint" plan?

Effective September 6, 2022, the District is moving to the final phase, with offices open for services 5 days per week. There is no longer a restriction on office/staffing capacity (previously 70% capacity per department at one time), but rather staffing should be arranged to ensure full services are available all 5 days of the week.  

FOR MANAGERS: Do I need to change my staff’s remote work schedules?

Managers are responsible for ensuring that adequate services are provided 5 days a week during normal business hours for on-site support, services, and operations. In order to achieve this level of service, managers may adjust or stagger remote work schedules to meet service needs as determined by the college/district-site. While some remote work may continue, those deemed by the college/district to be essential to on-site functions may be required to work on site all five days.

FOR MANAGERS: What if a staff member shares they are unable to work on campus or change the frequency of their on- campus work days due to a medical condition?

Please ask the employee to contact the ADA Compliance Office directly at accommodation@cccd.edu to discuss potential reasonable accommodations. 

Does the District have a COVID-19 prevention plan?

Yes, the COVID-19 Prevention Plan was developed in coordination with the District Consultation Council and approved by the Chancellor on June 2, 2021. The plan is available here and updated as needed to remain in compliance with District, local, state, and federal guidance. An addendum to address the spread of variants was approved and distributed in September.

What is the District doing to ensure compliance with state guidelines on building ventilation?

The District has contracted with the building management consultant, Envise. A district wide mechanical engineering assessment, including verification of ventilation rates of our occupied buildings, has been completed. The results of the assessment and any corrective measures were validated by an independent Certified Industrial Hygienist to ensure our compliance with CDC's Ventilation standards for COVID-19 prevention.

Will the District’s Covid-19 prevention protocols change?

The District will continue to maintain Covid-19 prevention measures and assign workplace Covid-19 quarantines in alignment with Orange County Public Health and CalOSHA regulations.

Where can COVID-19 testing and case numbers in the District be found?

Dashboards are available for Coastline College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College covering a ten-week period. 

There have been six positive cases reported during July 2022 at the District Office bringing the total number of cases, over the course of the pandemic, to 34.

Who can I contact for additional information?

The HR department at your site is the best point of contact for information on reporting, notifications, and leave for employees. The Student Health Centers manage student cases – and are also available to address general questions about the virus and individual health.

Please start with these contacts for HR-specific questions:

Coastline College:
Crystal McCutcheon

Golden West College:
Alyssa Brown

Orange Coast College:
Rebecca Morgan

District Office:
Crystal McCutcheon

Or contact your Student Health Center:

Updated August 19, 2022

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